Family Services, Inc.

Designed at SW Creatives, LLC

The annual report theme of “Serving Across the Lifespan” reminds supporters that Family Services, Inc. believes in the intrinsic worth of every child, adult, and family and the quality of life in the community is dependent on the opportunity for all to succeed, regardless of age and life’s challenges. This theme needed to be reflected in the visual look and feel of the report.

We used photography to showcase the theme by pairing images of the same person across their own lifespan to build compassion and relatability for the messaging. The imagery depicts how wellness across the lifespan helps support active, engaged people. The crisp colors and bold typography support the organization’s brand personality of being warm, friendly & effective.

As a result, Family Services, Inc. is equipped with a report which clearly communicates the message they want to send about their mission and gets supporters excited about the work the organization in doing.