You’ve always been available and you are my #1 go-to and that makes my life easier. I have the confidence that we’ll get the quality of work that would be produced in-house….. Great infographics and things that have been models for internal work as examples through the network as templates of what a dollar buys.
— Ayana Jackson, United Way Worldwide

Before, we were working with designers who get defensive and don’t get it. We don’t get out of the concept stage. You are trying to argue with them to get things done. You treat us like we know what we are talking about. Some designers treat you like we are idiots.

We are able to get things done faster without having to explain all our nuances every time we get started. We love your ability to interpret what we give you and turn it into great work. You are easy to work with; a lot of the time you read our minds.
— Jessica Carneal & Lisa Koroma, National Industries for the Blind

It was really important to me to express the story of my brand and I didn’t know how to express it, or separate it from myself, and then translate that into a visual. It was really overwhelming for me. After working with Christy I had so much more confidence and felt that I got to the heart of the story I was trying to tell and bring to the world. That confidence carries through to all of the actions and conversations I have had since and I can see the benefit in my work.
— Nate Fisher, Createrly

For a few years, we did all of our design work in-house – but after a while we realized that we wanted to work with a professional who could help us create a more polished finished product. When we worked with you, your creative process helped us clarify the message we wanted to share. When we worked on it ourselves we had a hard time because we wanted to tell every story on the cover, but you helped us see that one strong image can be much more powerful than many competing photos. Now our audience can immediately identify who we are and what services we provide.
— Katie Mulembe, Catholic Volunteer Network

We look to an external graphic design consultant like Christy in place of a full-time employee designer because she not only brings quality design to her work but is reliable and responsive to our changing needs.
— Rick Goulart, Homeownership Preservation Foundation

We don’t have the internal capacity to make the designs we imagined a reality. What you helped to create is really in line with how we want to be understood and perceived. You do beautiful work and make the process easy. You are fun and easy to work with.
— Jessica Kohnen, Hyve

First impressions are everything, especially when you’re a small business owner. Thanks to Christy’s help, I’m now able to offer prospective clients everything they need to know about me, my art and my process in a sophisticated guide that matches my own artistic style and that I’m proud to show off. Working with Christy was flawless. In addition to running my own small business, I’m also a communications professional. I’ve worked with dozens of designers in my career and Christy was, by far, the easiest designer I’ve ever worked with.
— Jonna Huseman, Jonna Michelle Photography

Christy designed a logo for my business. Throughout the design process she was really communicative, understood exactly what I wanted and helped translate the logo to packaging for my business. I’ve got a whole new look now that reads so well into what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for the past few years. Everything from the design to the colors to the hand lettered element screams Handmade Habitat and I could not be happier with the results!
— Amina, Handmade Habitat