Reel Water Film Festival

Designed at SW Creatives, LLC; branding mood board & print collateral by me, logo design by Ryan Phillips

The Reel Water Film Festival's mission is to raise awareness and educate attendees about local and global water issues through the use of film, expert presentations and networking with environmental and humanitarian organizations. After a successful first year, the festival team came to use because the brand needed to be refocused and rebuilt for longevity and growth.

We gave the brand a robust, earthy color palette, including bronze, brown, rust, and cool blue and website which puts photography front and center to visually sell the impact of the global water crisis. The logo combines a balance of each element of water and film, vintage and modern harmoniously. No matter how big the festival becomes, we wanted to make sure the brand stayed true to its roots.

As a result, the festival was able to build a recognizable presence in the community and hit the ground running each year with a strong brand look and feel that would guide the visuals for the event.