Women Connected Retreat

Designed at SW Creatives, LLC; website by Diane Park

The DC Regional Christian Church's annual Women's Retreat needed a visual language to draw together the events from year to year as a whole entity.

The SW Creatives team explored bold, inspiring and modern imagery to represent the power of DC Regional Christian Church's female members as "Women Connected," empowered through both their connection to God and to each other. The logo uses the metaphor of a braid weaving together a community of women interdependently which creates the messages of strength in unity because if you remove one thread, the whole braid will unravel.

The core color palette for the Women Connected brand provides a consistent foundation to which additional colors and artwork can be added to support the unique yearly retreat themes. For the 2015 retreat we designed event materials around the theme of "Out of Many One Women" including signage, name badges and programs. We also developed a t-shirt design which was sold as a fundraiser for the church's women's ministry.